Thank you to our valued customers. Our online orders are now closed for this season. We will re-open in October 2020.

Our Tomatoes

We use bumble bees to naturally pollinate our flowers. We also use beneficial insects to reduce or eliminate the need to spray, since these attack whitefly, aphids and psyllids. These practices are approved by NZGAP (New Zealand Good Agricultural Practice).

Tomatoes plant growing

We grow over 7500 plants

We have three glasshouses that we pick from daily, where we grow over 7500 plants. We also have a packing shed where we grade and pack the tomatoes on site, to provide you with the freshest produce available.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality North Otago tomatoes, sent direct to you, as fresh as can be, anywhere in New Zealand. We work closely with our couriers to ensure your tomatoes are shipped quickly and carefully, to reach you in the best condition.

Wanna order right now? We’ve got you covered

We ship your tomatoes in a cardboard box, so when your tomatoes arrive, you can leave them in the box and store them in a cool airy space, like your garage. You can expect them to stay fresh for up to two weeks, sometimes more, after they arrive to your door.